Welcome to The Homeless House

Teaching a trade.  Rebuilding communities.  Restoring hope.  Providing a path.  Empowering self sufficiency.  Wanna help?

Our Purpose

Not all people who end up homeless are beyond help.  Not all of them are lazy…or drunks…or trash.  Many of them are redeemable – and the best part is…they are HIGHLY motivated to improve their life.  They just don’t know how and are too busy trying to survive to even think about it.  

If they are provided a path they could have confidence in following…they would be committed to it because it would meet their needs in the immediate sense, provide them a path out of their desperation, promise them a future where they can share in the American dream and empower them to reclaim their self-esteem.

That is what the Homeless House is all about.

Our Mission

Our mission is to identify highly motivated homeless individuals that want to rebuild their lives...and provide them with an intensive and immersive carpenter apprenticeship where they will learn "hands on" how to fix and flip houses.

We will provide for their needs during the program, and upon their successful completion - we will help them get a good paying job; a place to live; reliable transportation; and sufficient funds to get everything they need to be truly self sufficient...from furniture, dishes, clothing, etc...

During the program, we will also teach them a variety of life skills ranging from how to manage a personal budget, to how to cook meals, planning a shopping trip, etc...

Homelessness is a bigger problem than you may think...

My name is Stephen Scruggs.  Until recently I was the Director of Operations for a mid-size IT consulting company with revenues of $70 million annually and growing. 

I have an in depth understanding of where technology and especially automation are taking us as a society.  I routinely read research reports and attend conferences where these things are discussed – and many of the projects we worked on involved cutting edge technologies in the areas of Big Data, Robotic Process Automation, Machine Learning, Advanced Analytics and Artificial Intelligence.

McKinsey recently published a report titled “What the future of work will mean for jobs, skills, and wages” Link

In this report – they estimate that approximately 1/3 of the American workforce will be displaced by automation by 2030 – less than 15 years from now.

In layman’s terms – millions and millions of people are going to lose their jobs…their livelihoods, their security.  

Will you be one of them?  Are you sure?

McKinsey believes that the response required to these upcoming events is a retraining program to teach people to perform different types for work and they believe the scale of this program needs to be comparable to what the Manhattan project was in World War 2.  

The Homeless House is an attempt to be a part of the solution to this upcoming crisis.