Frequently Asked Questions

How do you select apprentices?

Initial interview with candidate where program requirements, duties and expectations are discussed.  Consequences for failure to adhere to program requirements are discussed and agreed upon.  Benefits of successful participation completion of the program are discussed with candidate.  Candidates are assessed on their eagerness, suitability and perceived commitment.

Apprentices must be able to pass a drug test prior to admittance and will be subject to random screening throughout the program.  

Due to the nature of the work – candidates must be able to perform the associated tasks.  Physical exams conducted by a doctor (just like for high school football players) are required prior to admission in the program.

What services do you provide?

We take homeless people as they are - usually with nothing more than the clothes on their back...and go from there.

Obviously they need shelter; food; clothes...we provide all that and a lot more.  We work side by side with them on a daily basis.  Teaching them skills, involving them in the process - helping them to develop leadership skills and problem solving abilities.

We teach them all the various mundane things we all need to master in order to live independently...things like how to plan and cook dinner, doing laundry, mowing grass, shoveling snow, paying bills and managing a personal budget, how to interview for a job, etc...

Once they complete their apprenticeship, we help them get a job using our network of general contractors and residential builders. 

We help them get their own place (house or apartment), purchase a reliable vehicle and insurance, obtain furniture and all the stuff they will need from cookware, utensils, towels, bedding, etc...

How do you pick which houses to fix up?

There are a number of factors that determine whether a house is a suitable candidate for flipping.  These factors include but are not limited to:

1. Project Budget – How much money do we have to work with.

2. Location – some neighborhoods  are better suited for remodeling a house currently whereas others may become suitable in the future.

3. Foundation – the foundation of the house is of critical importance.  Houses with foundation damage are almost never suitable candidates for restoration due to the expenses involved.

4. Estimate of repairs needed.  These can include mechanical repairs such as electrical, plumbing and HVAC, roofing repairs, windows, carpeting, kitchens, bathrooms, etc…

5. Estimate of time required to complete repairs.  

6. Estimated value to be received at sale.  An assessment of the comps of other similar houses in the area will give a guide as to the potential sale price.

7. Potential revenue determination.  This will be the ultimate determinant of which house will be selected.

What is the growth plan for The Homeless House?

We believe that this model can be replicated in any urban environment where neighborhoods are experiencing a rebirth.  

First we prove the model on a small scale.  Then we seek grants from foundations and government agencies.  This will provide the resources to operate at a larger scale.

Another facet of our growth plan is to employ successful graduates of our apprenticeship program in a full time role as a project leader (based on program needs) and given a team of 4 new apprentices whom they would supervise and train - just like they were trained.  This “train the trainer” model will be very important to achieve scalability.

What's different about your funding model?

Donations to The Homeless House are used to purchase houses and the supplies needed to fix them up.  When these houses are ultimately sold - the proceeds generated not only return the money initially spent back to the organization - but they also generate a positive return which covers the operating costs of the organization.

It is accurate to visualize your financial gift being able to be utilized again and again into perpetuity as we continue to provide services to the homeless population.

This ability to recycle your gift again and again is what makes our funding model unique.

How can I help?

We need all sorts of help.  Everything from people that can help raise money through crowdfunding, to laborers that can help us paint, to people willing to serve on our board of directors...

If you are interested in helping in any way - please contact us and we can align you with an area of need that is well suited to your interests and capabilities.