The Idea

Restoring Lives

Training qualified homeless individuals to become carpenters through an intensive and immersive apprenticeship program.  

Successful graduates receive job placement assistance to obtain a full time job in the skilled trades, housing assistance, transportation assistance and a cash grant to enable them to successfully transition from homeless to self-sufficiency.

Rebuilding Communities

By restoring blighted houses in select neighborhoods, the property values of the surrounding homes increases as well.  This benefits those other homeowners in the area.

The local municipality benefits from the additional property taxes. Former consumers of public services become tax payers - thus lessening the strain on finite community resources.

Revolutionary Funding Model

In traditional non-profits funds are raised and then spent.  Once the money is spent - additional funds must then be raised.  A never ending cycle.

Our model allows financial gifts to be reused again and again in a perpetual manner.  This is made possible because we are using the funding to buy and repair houses which are then resold.