Volunteer Opportunities

Grab a hammer

Roofing, drywall repairs, painting, hanging cabinets, tile flooring...we have plenty of tasks we could sure use some help with.  Don't worry if you aren't an expert - we can teach you too.

If you have skills/expertise in specific areas, we would all benefit from you sharing a bit of that with us.

Please click the link below to contact us so we can work together.

Spread the word

In order for us to be successful - we need your help to spread the word.  If you agree with us that helping homeless people reclaim their lives is a worthy cause - please help us raise awareness by promoting us on social media.

A special request for those of you that actually know how to promote things online...we could sure use your help...

Please click the link below to contact us so we can coordinate our messaging efforts.

Financial support

Your financial support is what allows us to function.  Without it - we are just another good idea that never grows into its fullest potential.

Please click the link below to learn how you can help financially support us.